We are a Maine-based organization helping Maine retail businesses thrive!

RAM is the leading voice for Maine’s diverse retail industry. We play a critical role in enhancing our communities, shaping legislation, contributing to each member’s success, and improving our state’s economic vitality.



Legislative Representation

What is important to you, is important to us. When you join RAM, you are also hiring a full-time lobbying team representing the Maine retail industry before elected officials for policy and voting decisions. We are on the front lines of important issues that directly affect your bottom line: wage and labor issues, swipe fees, workers’ compensation costs, environmental regulations, taxes and more.


Networking & Connections

Expand and strengthen your relationship with government and industry leaders, share innovations and ideas and develop new industry contacts.


Money Saving Benefits

RAM members gain access to valuable benefits such as 401(k), workers’ compensation insurance, discounted swipe fees and more.  See our Member Benefits page for details on these money saving opportunities.


Immediate Answers

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! We monitor all legislative and regulatory activity that affects Maine businesses and keeps you informed with weekly updates. We are your resource when you need help understanding the ever-changing laws and regulations that directly impact your business.


Strength in Numbers

When you join RAM, you stand with hundreds of other Maine retail businesses which provides the strength needed to bring about change. The larger we become; the more influence we can exert on issues that affect Maine business. 


Media Relations

We are one of the first stops for the print, radio, and television media as a trusted resource for expertise on retail issues.