DCap Claims is dedicated to offering comprehensive third-party filing services for business-to-business settlement claims. DCap prides itself on its extensive knowledge and experience of settlements, combined with a passion of advocating on behalf of the client. DCap’s role involves directly engaging with clients to submit their claims, maximize their value, communicate with the claims administrator, and ensure the claim is serviced effectively through to the final resolution.

There are no upfront fees or other hidden charges. DCap does not get paid unless and until the client gets paid. Your business could benefit from the experience, skills, and one-on-one customer oriented claims settlement services of DCap today!

RAM has vetted and approved the partnership with DCap to provide an added membership benefit as follows:

• 25% contingency fee, reduced from DCap’s market fee of 30%

• Ongoing support from DCap’s Education Center, including quarterly newsletter

• Notification of other settlements and government programs

• Early recovery and payment options available for those interested

    Review DCap Claims's Promotional Flyer.


    Learn more by visiting DCap Claims's website! Email our partner Megan Kuzma, Regional Director at: megank@dcapclaims.com or call 1-786-543-7234.

    Read "Retail Association of Maine Welcomes New Endorsed Class Action Settlement Claims Partner" Press Release, March 13, 2024.

    March 13, 2024 (Augusta, Maine) - RAM has partnered with DCap Claims — a 3rd party filer of business-to-business settlement claims. DCap is our trusted partner to help members recover swipe fees from the $5.54 billion Visa/Mastercard class action and antitrust settlements for all eligible merchants who accepted Visa/Mastercard credit cards between January 1, 2004 and January 25, 2019.

    Update: In an Order dated May 14, 2024, the Court granted an extension of the claims-filing deadline. The EXTENDED deadline to submit claims is August 30, 2024.