From Maine to Ukraine FAQ

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How did this start?

  1. The Retail Association of Maine (RAM) reached out the Association Retailers of Ukraine (RAU) shortly after the war broke out. After a number of emails, we offered to help provide humanitarian relief of food and clothing through a partnership with the RAU.

Who are you?

1. The Retail Association of Maine is a membership based organization of retailers founded in 1937. The Maine Business Education Partnership is our 501 (c) (3) charitable organization that primarily supports and develops workforce development programs across Maine. However, for this project, we have created a separate fund to collect monetary donations for this Ukraine relief program. 


Can we make a monetary donation?

1. Yes. Our 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, the Maine Business Education Partnership, can accept monetary donations of any amount. Please send checks to Maine Business Education Partnership / Ukraine Relief, 45 Melville Street, Augusta, ME 04330. 100% of contributions will go to this Ukraine relief program to cover the cost of shipping the items to Ukraine. Any remaining proceeds will be given to the Partnership for World Health, a Scarborough, Maine based non-profit that is collecting and delivering needed medical equipment to Ukraine and other places around the world.