BMI Retail Music Licensing

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There have been a number of academic studies into the effects of background music in a retail environment. The research indicates that music volume, speed and genre can have significant effects on how long consumers spend in shops and restaurants, how much they purchase or consume, and whether they view brands or individual products favorably or unfavorably.

Music is an important element in establishing the mood in your business; but did you know that to be legally compliant, you must make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes before playing it?

The music licensing group, BMI (Broadcast Music Inc), is offering RAM Members 10% off their licensing fees. Retail establishment fees pay BMI for a blanket license that grants permission to use all of the music in BMI’s catalog; and in turn, BMI distributes the fees, less operating expenses, to their affiliated songwriters, publishers and composers as royalties.

Download the BMI Flyer to learn more about Music Copyright Basics

Call BMI at (888) 689-5264 or email them from to ensure that you are legally playing music in your retail shop and to hear what discounted music licensing opportunities are available for your business.


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