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Membership is important!

Members of the Retail Association of Maine enjoy a number of benefits to help your business prosper and save money.

Here’s some of the ways we can save you money:

  1. An outstanding 401K program. Eliminate your Form 5500, your annual audit and get a comprehensive portfolio from Empower Retirement with our 401K program. If you have a 401K program currently, we can save you THOUSANDS.
  2. Energy Discount. Our partners at Freedom Logistics provide RAM members with over 100 years of cumulative electricity and natural gas proficiency, with a primary focus on downsizing energy costs.
  3. Aggressively priced Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage. Qualified members can apply to the MMA Worker's Compensation Trust for rate quotes, safety information and application materials for this program.
  4. Discounted credit/debit card processing with members-only rates! We work with RCSC, a subisidary of the Retail Council of New York State because of their outstanding rates and customer service. Check out the Retail Association of Maine credit/debit card program. Save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars annually in credit card processing fees. Talk to our sales representative and see how much you will save!
  5. Discounted Music Licensing Fees. Did you know that to be legally compliant, you must make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes before playing music in your store? Learn more from our partners at BMI.
  6. Complimentary Conference Room Usage. Meeting in Augusta, but have no place to meet? RAM Members are entitled to two free hours per month of the use of the conference room. Seating for up to 15 people with high-speed wireless, screen included. To reserve your space contact Curtis Picard.
  7. Exclusive Legal Research. Got a question on what items are tax exempt or not? Not sure on the latest rules regarding gift cards? Give us a call and we can easily research your question quickly and effectively.