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RAM & Partners Encourage Customers to Be Kind 

Retailers, grocers, food producers and other businesses across Maine are asking the public to practice kindness and respect toward workers and each other as shops, restaurants and other locations continue reopening following the unprecedented shutdown caused by COVID-19.

The Retail Association of Maine, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association came together to develop the statewide campaign based on their observations of consumer behavior at essential businesses throughout the pandemic and as businesses continue to reopen. 

The “Let’s Be Kind” statewide campaign started in July 2020 with a social media campaign along with posters in businesses and public service announcements. 

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Starting on May 24th, fully vaccinated people can go mask-free in most locations. However, Governor Mills and her administration are not requiring businesses to determine who is or is not fully vaccinated. Simply, it is up to each business to decide how they want to handle facial coverings.

We updated our posters to reflect this change, in two different sizes. One poster is a reminder that people who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a facial covering. The other poster is for a business that it chosing to continue facial coverings for now. Both posters spread the message of respect, understanding and kindness.

Join our kindness movement. Add the colorful posters to your storefront doors, counters and throughout your business, as a reminder that these simple acts help us all move forward. Planning ahead, taking precautions, and respecting everyone as we shop, dine and interact ensures Mainers are safer, healthier and happier.


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Let’s make kindness viral. Share these graphics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use the images, include the messaging ‘Let’s Be Kind’ and ‘Doing Business Differently Helps Keep Maine Safe’ and customize the campaign with what makes you unique. We encourage you to show us how you’re taking precautions, what you’ve done to make shopping easier and positive stories from your staff and customers.

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Stay tuned for future social media campaign videos to share!

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