Require Appropriate Coverage of and Cost-sharing for Generic Drugs and Biosimilars

Last updated: Mar 1, 2022

Details about this bill
Category: Pharmacy Related
Status: Defeated
Sponsor: Senator Troy Jackson, Senate 35 - York County
Session: 130
Bill #: LD 1706



UPDATE 3/1/22: Sen. Jackson asked for the bill to not pass. Committee voted Ought Not to Pass. The bill is dead.

UPDATE: Approved for carry over on 6/4/21


This bill requires that formularies for prescription drugs approved for coverage under a health plan contain tiers of generic drugs or biosimilars that are equivalent to the approved branded drugs, and that cost-sharing through coinsurance or a copayment make the cost of the generic drug or biosimilar meaningfully lower than the cost of the equivalent branded drug. A biosimilar is a biological product licensed by the United States Food and Drug Administration that is highly similar to a branded prescription drug.