Regulate the Use of Biometric Identifiers

Last updated: Apr 22, 2022

Details about this bill
Category: Privacy / Data Protection
Status: Defeated
Sponsor: Representative Margaret O'Neil, House 15
Session: 130
Bill #: LD 1945



UPDATE 4/19/2022: After some last minute shenanigans where the House amended the bill to carve out the credit unions and banks, the Senate eventually did insist on their support of Report A. For a while, it seemed like the Senate was going to go along with the bank carve out, but ultimately voted to insist on Report A. The bill went back to the House where they insisted, and it ultimately kills the bill in non-concurrence. It is officially dead. 

UPDATE 4/18/2022: The Senate voted 20-14 to support Report A.

UPDATE 4/15/2022: The minority report has passed the House by an 89-48 vote. The bill moves to the Senate. RAM supports the majority Ought to Pass as Amended Report A.

UPDATE 3/25/2022: After multiple work sessions and multiple revisions, the committee finally voted on LD 1945. There are two Ought to Pass as Amended Reports. One report would support changing the bill to a study. The other report supports passing the bill, even though it is rife with issues, and conduct a study committee to propose fixes to the law before the law takes effect. The bill now moves to the House and Senate for floor debates. 


Representative O’Neil of Saco would provide for an individual's privacy regarding the collection and use of biometric identifiers of the individual and personal information connected to the biometric identifiers. The bill requires a written release from an individual before a private entity may obtain or use biometric identifiers and requires the private entity to establish a policy for retention and destruction of the identifiers. The bill provides for a private right of action for an aggrieved individual who has had biometric identifiers obtained or used in violation of the new provisions.