Establish a Study Commission To Examine the Implied Warranty Laws and the Arbitration Process for Those Laws

Last updated: Apr 8, 2018

Details about this bill
Category: General Business
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Senator Garrett Mason, Senate 22 - Androscoggin County
Session: 128
Bill #: LD 1772



UPDATE: The governor vetoed the bill, but was quickly overridden by the House and Senate. It becomes law immediately.

UPDATE: This bill has passed the Senate and is awaiting action in the House.

UPDATE: The committee voted unanimously in support of the amended bill.

UPDATE: Senator Garrett Mason unveiled his amendment which directs the Attorney General to convene a stakeholder group to examine the issue. 


This bill is a concept draft pursuant to Joint Rule 208.

This bill proposes to establish a study commission to examine the State's implied warranty laws and the arbitration process for those laws.