Establish Appliance Energy and Water Standards

Last updated: Jul 13, 2021

Details about this bill
Category: Environmental
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Representative William Pluecker, House 95
Session: 130
Bill #: LD 940




Representative Pluecker of Warren submits a bill that provides that, beginning January 1, 2023, a person may not sell or offer for sale in the State any of the following new products that were prohibited from sale in the State of California under its appliance efficiency regulations, as those regulations were in effect on January 1, 2021: computers and computer monitors; certain general service lamps; commercial hot food holding cabinets; plumbing fittings that are showerheads, lavatory faucets, kitchen faucets, public lavatory faucets, metering faucets, kitchen replacement aerators and lavatory replacement aerators; plumbing fixtures that are water closets and urinals; portable electric spas; spray sprinkler bodies; and water dispensers.