An Act To Promote the Sustainability of the State's Unemployment Insurance System by Linking the Duration of Benefits to the State's Average Unemployment Rate

Last updated: May 19, 2021

Details about this bill
Category: General Business
Status: Defeated
Sponsor: Representative Joel Stetkis, House 105
Session: 130
Bill #: LD 1032




Representative Stetkis of Canaan would link unemployment insurance benefits with the state average unemployment rate. An employee may receive: 1. Twelve weeks of unemployment insurance if the state average unemployment rate is at or below 5 1/2%; 2. One additional week added to the 12 weeks for each 1/2% increase in the state average unemployment rate above 5 1/2%; and 3. Up to a maximum of 20 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits if the state average unemployment rate is over 9%.