Video Training Series: Reopening Retail Under COVID-19

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These videos serve as excellent training tools for retail businesses who are preparing to open, or have recently opened their doors to the public.  Sharing this training with your retail associates will help ensure that your business is engaging in best practices for personal hygiene, separation, cleaning, and maintaining service standards to ensure a successful re-opening.


Part 1:  Personal Hygiene

This training describes the proper use of cloth facial coverings, and the importance of washing hands.


Part 2:  Physical Distancing

This training outlines steps to maintain at least 6' distance between individuals, both employees and customers, as well as other measures being taken to avoid close gathering of people in the retail space.


Part 3:  Cleaning Guidelines

This training discusses the importance of proper cleaning procedures, and how they are integrated into the daily routine.


Part 4:  Customer Engagement

This training presents the importance of helping your customers understand the "why's and how's" of these safety measures, and some suggestions for providing help if and when they don't comply with the guidelines.