Maine Retail Re-opening Plan

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 by Curtis Picard


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Augusta, Maine — April 28, 2020 — After recently surveying retailers from across Maine, the Retail Association of Maine (RAM) proposes a plan to move Maine’s retail industry back to full operations. Retail is one of Maine’s largest employment sectors and is also responsible for collecting and remitting a significant amount of sales tax revenue for the state.

In a recent survey of Maine retailers, 85% of retailers told the Retail Association of Maine that they felt they could ensure the safety of customers and employees. In developing this plan, we have worked with a number of major retailers based here in Maine as well as retailers that operate in multiple states. The Retail Association has also reviewed the plans that were developed in other states and by some of our national trade organizations like National Retail Federation and Retail Industry Leaders Association. Through this diligent process, RAM believes we have put forth a plan specific to Maine's retail economy. 

The Retail Association of Maine is recommending a color-coded system much like Maine's fire danger colors system: Red / High Risk, Orange / Moderate Risk, Yellow / Low Risk and Green / No Risk. These levels can be guided by a rigorous measurement system to determine the level of risk on a statewide or regional basis. The color can change depending on the specific circumstances. Red / High Risk is our current profile. Each level would prescribe certain rules of conduct of businesses and individuals. Our plan details specific mitigation measures for each color level.

The Retail Association of Maine has shared their 6-page plan with Governor Janet Mills and DECD Commissioner Heather Johnson. “Without question, retail is a critical economic driver in Maine and working to get our shops reopened will go a long way to start our economic recovery, but also help start a return to normalcy,” said Curtis Picard, president and CEO of the Retail Association of Maine

To read the Retail Association’s 6-page plan, click here.

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