Regarding Immunizations

Last updated: Jan 19, 2020

Details about this bill
Category: Pharmacy Related
Status: In Committee
Sponsor: Representative Ryan Tipping, House 123
Session: 129
Bill #: LD 2046




This bill exempts children who are enrolled in or attend a virtual public charter school from the requirement that a child may not be enrolled in or attend school without evidence of immunization. The bill also amends the law governing the Universal Childhood Immunization Program to include persons who are 18 years of age or younger and are enrolled in or have been offered enrollment in a private or public postsecondary educational institution in the State.

The bill also corrects an error in Public Law 2019, chapter 154 by providing that the exemption from immunization requirements based on religious or philosophical beliefs for employees of health care facilities takes effect September 1, 2021. The correction is contingent on Public Law 2019, chapter 154 being ratified by a majority of voters and taking effect in accordance with the Constitution of Maine, Article IV, Part Third, Section 17.