Regarding the Cancellation of Subscription Services

Last updated: Jul 10, 2013

Details about this bill
Category: Digital Media Production
Status: Defeated
Sponsor: Representative Mattie Daughtery, House 66
Session: 126
Bill #: LD 1390


Opposed. Consumers should have a range of options to cancel subscriptions.

UPDATE 7/9/13: This bill was vetoed and sustained. It is dead.

UPDATE 6/14/13: This bill has been passed by the House and Senate. It moves to Governor LePage's desk for action.

UPDATE 5/12/13: The committee amended the bill to comply with the 2009 version of the Illinois law that the bill was modeled after and voted the bill Ought to Pass.



This bill requires a person that provides certain goods or services pursuant to a subscription to provide to a subscriber, at the time the subscription starts, information regarding how the subscriber may cancel the subscription; a secure, prominently displayed and easy-to-use method on the person's website that allows the subscriber to cancel the subscription immediately without having to send a letter by the United States Postal Service or other delivery service or to make a telephone call; and the option to cancel the subscription using the same method that was used to start the subscription. A violation of the provisions of the bill is a violation of the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act.