Prevent Organized Retail Crime

Last updated: May 25, 2015

Details about this bill
Category: Retail Crime
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Senator Amy Volk, Senate 30 - Cumberland County
Session: 127
Bill #: LD 310


Support. This is a RAM initiated bill.

UPDATE 5/17/15: This bill has been passed. Although Governor LePage did not sign it, it will become law 90 days post-adjournment.

UPDATE 5/4/15: The bills continues to work its way through the House and Senate.

UPDATE 4/20/15: This bill has passed the Senate under the hammer with no fiscal note. On to the House.

UPDATE 3/1/15: RAM and a number of member organizations testified in favor of the bill. The bill is scheduled to be worked on 3/2/15.

UPDATE 3/2/15: The committee charged CLAC with drafting language to address the ORC issue. The bill was tabled.

UPDATE 3/16/15: The committee accepted the CLAC amendment (RAM supports the amendment) and voted the bill unanimously Ought to Pass as Amended. We are awaiting to see if there is a fiscal note or not. The bill will move to the Senate next.

READ the amended language here.


This bill makes the following a Class C crime:

1. The theft of retail merchandise by 2 or more people acting in concert, including an employee of a retail establishment; and

2. The altering, affixing or presenting of a false product code or sales receipt in order to obtain or exercise unauthorized control over merchandise from a retail establishment.