Increase Employment Opportunities for Veterans

Last updated: May 6, 2014

Details about this bill
Category: Wage and Labor
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Senator John Tuttle, Senate 3 - Somerset County
Session: 126
Bill #: LD 1832


RAM testified in Support.

UPDATE 5/1/14: This bill has been signed by the Governor.

UPDATE 4/17/14: The fiscal note was stripped and the bill passed. Awaiting action by governor.

UPDATE 4/14/14: We've been told that the fiscal note will be removed from the bill which should pave the way for passage on the bill.

UPDATE: This bill has been passed unanimously by the committee, House and Senate. However, it was sent to the Appropriations Table due to a fiscal note.


This bill allows a private employer to have a veteran preference employment policy. The policy must be in writing and must be applied uniformly to employment decisions regarding hiring, promotion or retention during a reduction in workforce.