Include 50 Milliliter and Smaller Liquor Bottles in the Laws Governing Returnable Containers

Last updated: Jun 11, 2017

Details about this bill
Category: Alcohol / Tobacco / Guns
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Representative Anne-Marie Mastraccio, House 18
Session: 128
Bill #: LD 56



UPDATE: Governor LePage vetoed the bill but the House and Senate overrode his veto. It will be interesting to see if the governor follows through with his promise to delist the products.

UPDATE: The House voted 111-34 in favor of the bill.

UPDATE: There is strong support from the committee for the bill, however, there is a sizable fiscal note attached. This will be one to watch.

UPDATE: The committee has a divided report but Senate Chair Saviello is considering a floor amendment that may require retailers to label the nips.


This bill includes 50 milliliter and smaller wine or spirits bottles in the laws governing returnable containers.