Implement Recommendations of the Department of Environmental Protection Regarding the State's Container Redemption Laws

Last updated: Jul 3, 2019

Details about this bill
Category: Environmental
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Representative Ralph Tucker, House 50
Session: 129
Bill #: LD 1628



UPDATE 7-2-19: Governor Mills has signed this bill into law. 

UPDATE: This bill was removed from the Appropriations Table. It is awaiting final enactment.


This bill, which is reported out by the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources pursuant to Joint Order 2019, H.P. 883, implements the Department of Environmental Protection's recommendations regarding the State's container redemption laws as included in the department's annual report on the State's product stewardship programs.

This bill makes a number of changes to the State's container redemption laws including the following.

1. It amends the laws to provide that a dealer of beverage containers with 5,000 or more square feet of retail space must accept beverage container returns unless the dealer has a written agreement with a redemption center located within 10 miles of the dealer, as measured along public roadways, to provide redemption services on the dealer's behalf.

2. It establishes an annual license fee for redemption centers of $100. The current annual license fee is $50.

3. It clarifies the ability of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations to manage its returned containers as a qualified commingling program.

4. It eliminates the special handling fee for small brewers and bottlers of water.

5. It clarifies the obligation of initiators of deposit to recycle returned beverage containers that the initiator of deposit has picked up or that a 3rd party has picked up on the initiator of deposit's behalf.

6. It clarifies the requirements for qualified commingling agreements under the law, provides for the creation of an additional commingling group to be operated by a 3rd party or stewardship organization and requires all initiators of deposit to enter into a commingling agreement by January 1, 2023.

7. It clarifies licensing standards and other requirements for redemption centers.

8. It clarifies the Department of Environmental Protection's rule-making and administrative authority under the law.

9. It establishes annual reporting requirements for initiators of deposit and for pick-up agents that are not initiators of deposit.

10. It makes a number of terminology changes and other technical changes to the law.