Ensure the Effectiveness of Tax Expenditures

Last updated: Jun 12, 2017

Details about this bill
Category: Taxation
Status: Defeated
Sponsor: Representative Ryan Fecteau, House 11
Session: 128
Bill #: LD 1245




This bill, based on model legislation for accountability in economic development, makes any subsidy provided by the State or a unit of local government to a company for purposes of encouraging economic development subject to rescission or recapture if the company fails to meet the goals for which the subsidy was provided, such as new jobs, high wages, benefits such as health insurance and maintenance of employment levels for the duration of the subsidy or incentive period. The bill requires the entity providing the development subsidy to monitor the company receiving the subsidy to ensure the company is meeting the goals for the subsidy and to recapture all or a portion of the subsidy from a company that does not meet those goals.

This bill requires the entity providing the subsidy to maintain a publicly accessible website containing information about the subsidy and the company receiving the subsidy and any enforcement actions taken against a company receiving a subsidy. Finally, this bill provides so-called taxpayer standing to a taxpayer or organization of taxpayers to allow suit to be brought by that taxpayer or organization to enforce the rescission or recapture requirements.