Clarify the Laws Governing Financial Relationships between Entities within the Three-tier System for Distribution of Alcohol

Last updated: Feb 2, 2020

Details about this bill
Category: Alcohol / Tobacco / Guns
Status: In Committee
Sponsor: Senator Louis Luchini, Senate 7 - Hancock County
Session: 129
Bill #: LD 2088




This bill consolidates in one section the separate laws prohibiting financial relationships between entities within the 3-tier system of alcohol distribution in Maine. The bill clarifies that, with only a few minor exceptions, an entity in the manufacturer tier, wholesaler tier or retailer tier may not have a financial interest, direct or indirect, in an entity in a different tier of the 3-tier system. Unlike current law, the bill clarifies that these so-called 3-tier prohibitions apply to entities that sell spirits. The bill also preserves the prohibition in current law against an in-state wholesaler of malt liquor and wine, referred to in current law as a wholesale licensee, having any financial interest, direct or indirect, in an out-of-state wholesaler of malt liquor or wine whose products are imported into the State.