Amend the Laws Governing Drugs and Vaccines Administered by Pharmacists

Last updated: Jun 23, 2013

Details about this bill
Category: Pharmacy Related
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Representative Bob Nutting, House 78
Session: 126
Bill #: LD 148



This is a RAM initiated bill.

Our testimony is posted.

Testimony of Kenneth McCall, UNE School of Pharmacy, President of Maine Pharmacy Association

The bill received opposition from Gordon Smith of Maine Medical Association.

UPDATE: This bill has been passed and signed by the governor. It takes effect 90 days post-adjournment.

Update 3-4-13: The LCRED Committee modified the bill to allow pharmacy interns to administer immunizations but held off on lowering the age that pharmacists can administer to age 9. Instead, they felt that discussion was better served in an upcoming CDTM (Collaborative Drug Therapy Management) bill. The committee voted the Amended bill Ought to Pass.


This bill allows a pharmacist to administer certain vaccines to a person 9 years of age or older according to a valid prescription. Current law allows a pharmacist to administer these vaccines to a person 18 years of age or older.

This bill also allows a pharmacy intern to administer drugs and vaccines under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist who is certified for the administration of drugs and vaccines.