Allow a Sales Representative To Serve Spirits or Wine at a Tasting Event

Last updated: Jun 3, 2015

Details about this bill
Category: Alcohol / Tobacco / Guns
Status: Passed
Sponsor: Representative Richard Malaby, House 34
Session: 127
Bill #: LD 364



UPDATE: This bill has been signed into law by Governor LePage. It is officially law and takes effect immediately. Link to Public Law, Chapter 129

UPDATE 5/31/15: The bill was amended with an emergency preamble which would allow it to take effect upon enactment. It has passed the House and Senate and awaits action from Governor LePage. He has 10 days to act upon it.

UPDATE 5/20/15: One of the committee members changed their vote to Ought Not to Pass.

UPDATE 4/12/15: The committee voted unanimously Ought to Pass as Amended.


This bill repeals the prohibition on a sales representative's pouring or distributing distilled spirits or wine at a tasting event.