No on Question 1 - Stop The Scam Campaign Has Officially Launched

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 by Amy Downing

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Business leaders, home care providers and health care providers say “Stop the Scam” to the 3.8% tax on the statewide ballot in November

Calling the 3.8% income tax on the statewide ballot in November a scam on every front, Maine home care, health care and business leaders outlined how the measure will harm Maine’s people and economy at the launch of the campaign against passage of Question 1 Tuesday in South Portland.

The tax, disguised as a way to help provide home care for elderly and disabled Mainers, would collect private health information on Maine seniors and the disabled that could be shared by an unaccountable government entity for campaign and election purposes, would create long waiting lists for care, and would hinder economic growth in Maine by over-burdening businesses. The measure also would put up barriers to attracting and retaining the workforce Maine’s economy needs by giving Maine the distinction of having the highest top tax rate of any state in the country.

“The proposed 3.8% tax is an outright scam on every front,” said campaign chairperson Newell Augur. “Maine’s elder adults and disabled citizens, our most vulnerable relatives and neighbors, would risk having their private health information shared with an unaccountable government organization with zero oversight. That information would be used for campaigns and electioneering purposes. Furthermore, Maine employers, especially the small and family-owned businesses who are the backbone of our state’s economy, will be harmed by the largest tax increase in Maine history.”

Opponents of the tax shared initial red flags at a press conference in Augusta in May, at which the proposal was deemed in violation of the Maine and U.S. Constitutions and federal labor and privacy laws by former Maine Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Dan Wathen. Additional concerns were raised at that time that the tax applies to all income, including combined household income.

Moreover, this new government program would not be subject to any means test, allowing millionaires and billionaires to benefit from it.

“Maine voters need to know the truth that this measure is nothing short of a scam,” said Augur. “Maine’s businesses and economy will be devastated by this tax, wait lists for home care will be out-of-control because there is no means test for this program, and the privacy of our seniors and disabled will be at risk. The 3.8% tax scam must be defeated.”

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