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Jim McGregor Government Service Award Recipient Announced

Thursday, October 12, 2017 by Amy Downing

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Maine Representative Martin Grohman Awarded Retail Association of Maine’s 
2017 Jim McGregor Government Service Award

Representative Martin Grohman of Biddeford has been selected by the Retail Association of Maine Board of Directors to receive the organization’s 2017 Jim McGregor Government Service Award.

The Retail Association of Maine named this award after its retired director of government affairs, Mr. Jim McGregor, in 2010. Jim’s decades of hard work in the public policy arena paved the way for setting the standard for an award that recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond in support of Maine’s retail community.

Representative Marty Grohman has been a leader in finding the middle ground on the issues important to Mainers. Over the last two legislative sessions, Rep. Grohman was willing to stick his neck out to find a path forward on a more reasonable minimum wage for Maine. He worked with the Retail Association of Maine and other interest groups to support an increase to the minimum wage that would not harm Maine’s economy. More recently, he was helpful in mustering the necessary votes to reinstate the “tip credit” portion of the minimum wage after servers from around Maine made the case that the change in compensation was harmful to both themselves and their employers.

In addition to Representative Grohman’s work on minimum wage, he worked diligently with members of both parties to educate them on the harmful effects of the 3% income tax surcharge. He strongly supported additional funding for education, but understood that the 3% surcharge was going to unfairly penalize 11,000 small business owners. “Representative Grohman rightfully deserves recognition for fighting for Maine’s small businesses and his willingness to reach a reasonable middle ground on difficult issues,” said Curtis Picard, President and CEO of the Retail Association of Maine. The Retail Association of Maine is pleased to honor Representative Grohman with the Jim McGregor Government Service Award for his commitment to maintaining a prosperous retail climate.

“I get it. To make our state strong, we must support our business community – especially our small, local businesses,” said Representative Grohman. “I am honored to receive this award, and am committed to continuing my work to eliminate waste, strengthen Maine’s economy and grow not just jobs, but careers.”

Rep. Martin Grohman is an independent state representative serving in his second term in the Maine House of Representatives and is a member of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Rep. Grohman’s legislative focus is on supporting business and entrepreneurship, reducing the costs of county jails by pairing recently released offenders with employers, and helping veterans. He is a two-time American Legion Legislator of the Year, an honorary life member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, and won the 2016 Maine Sheriffs Association “President’s Award”. Grohman hosts a podcast for Maine entrepreneurs called The Grow Maine Show, and founded CorrectDeck, a composite decking manufacturing company that grew to $30 million in sales in six years. Marty grew up in Carthage, Maine, where his family still runs a small farm keeping Jersey cows. He and his wife, Amy, and their two children live in Biddeford.

The award will be formally presented on Thursday, November 2nd at the Retail Association of Maine’s 80th Annual Meeting at O’Maine Studios. The award presentation will begin at 12 noon.

The Jim McGregor Government Service Award has been presented annually to a wide list of state and local officials. In 2016, State Senator Amy Volk received the award. Past recipients include: Senate President Mike Thibodeau (2015), Dr. Kenneth McCall of the University of New England (2014), U.S. Senator Susan Collins (2013) and Attorney General Janet Mills (2006).


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