Seeking Retailer of the Year Award Nominees

Friday, July 14, 2017 by Christine Cummings


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For all the fears and all the have-to do’s that keep you up a night, there are accomplishments and rewards that outweigh, and make retail ownership a job like nothing else.  It’s a special community of those who have taken the plunge: opened a storefront, watched customers come and go, considered closing and contemplated expanding. It’s a roller coaster that only those lucky-enough have a chance at riding. Do you know a passionate, hardworking retailer that’s on the ride? Now is the time to recognize their excellence by submitting a nomination for our 2017 Retailer of the Year award.

Nominate a business that has proven to be a must-shop at, a business that you look at and say “wow, they’re really onto something here”, the company that you buy from because it makes you feel good to do business with and the retailer who comes from a good place and wants the best for their customers, employees and state. We know there are no shortcomings in possibilities, in a state full of successful entrepreneurs, so we’re looking to you to shine the light on the most deserving of them all. 

The Retailer of the Year Award has three main criteria: continued growth in employees or sales; commitment of company resources to community projects; and creation of a positive work environment for all employees. Not all criteria must be met. All parties can make nominations. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Download the nomination form TODAY! 

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