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Friday, January 13, 2017 by Christine Cummings


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While the Retail Association of Maine works diligently on behalf of our retail partners to ensure business friendly legislation, the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division works to ensure you, the consumer, have a right to product warranties, experience fair purchasing and can knowledgeably avoids scams.

Did you know on average the Maine Consumer Protection Division receives 12,000 calls yearly fielding inquiries from consumers looking to learn more about the legalities around purchases and their rights?


Cited from, Chapter 04: Consumer Goods And Maine Express And Implied Warranty Laws

Maine law provides automatic warranty protection in addition to any ―express written or verbal warranty (guarantee) you received from the seller or manufacturer.  This implied warranty remedy is not widely known, but it is very important.

Chapter 4.3:  Implied Warranty Of Merchantability

Chapter 4.6: Length Of Implied Warranty Protection

Chapter 4.13: Summary Of Implied Warranty Rights

Remember, all new or used consumer goods sold in Maine (except used cars) come with an automatic implied warranty that the item is not seriously defective. This warranty cannot be disclaimed (denied) by the seller. Here are a summary of your rights:

To see a full list of Consumer Right Laws and to learn more:

Free Consumer Mediation Services are available through the Consumer Protection Division of the Maine Attorney General's under their complaint-resolution program and is available to Maine businesses and consumers.



Thank you to Martha Currier, Complaint Examiner, from her informative presentation this past Wednesday at the Senator Inn in Augusta on behalf of the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

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