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Tuesday, January 3, 2017 by Christine Cummings

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Cut Costs, Grow Revenue & Increase your Bottom Line with RAM’s Exclusive Member Services!

Best Value Dental & Vision Insurance Plans:

- Offer Employees Premium Benefits with Cross Insurance
- One Online Portal for Employer and Employee Plan Management

Discounted Debit/Credit Card Processing:
- Guaranteed Personal Customer Service
- Get a Check for How Much We Can Save You or a $50 EMV Terminal

Discounted Music Licensing Fees:
- Ensure Legal Compliance for Playing Music in Stores
- 10% Savings on BMI Licensing Fees

Affordable 401K Program:
- Get a Comprehensive Portfolio from Empower Retirement
- Save $8,000 or more by Eliminating your Audit & Form 5500

Downsize Energy Costs:
- Reduced Electricity and Natural Gas Prices
- Latest Savings: $900 Annually for Participating Member

Aggressively Priced Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage:
- Full Time Licensed Claims Adjusters and Loss Prevention Expert
- In 2015, $500,000 Returned in Unused Premiums

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